Acculturation Therapy

Acculturation involves changes in many aspects of a person's life that transitioned from another country. Some of the adjustments are related to changes in a person's language, cultural identity, attitudes and values, social and ethnic relations, cultural familiarity and social customs. In many cases these individuals are forced to relocate away from loved ones during their transition; resulting in an increase of stress, anxiety and depression. Acculturation can occur in stages, resulting in a variation of psychological and emotional distress.

Holistic Behavioral Health helps client's work through challenges associated with acculturation as this type of support aims to help client's in a variety of ways; such as, helping client's work through their fears which often triggers symptoms of anxiety and depression. Holistic Behavioral Health also aims to help each client work through relationships problems, as well as issues associated to career adjustments to increase a client's ability to effectively acclimate to a new culture, while working to meet their personal goals.