Holistic Behavioral Health Wellness Center

Our Mission

The mission of Holistic Behavioral Health Wellness Center (HBHWC) is to partner with the private practice sector of this company Holistic Behavioral Health, LLC (HBH) by raising awareness and uniting people from all ethnic groups under one location to promote wholeness. Our behavioral health services through HBH private practice aim to reduce family stress levels through our clinical services. Our nonprofit sector (HBHWC) works to meet the hardships of clients due to inflation and an increase in poverty that is responsible for an elevation of mental health in our community.  

Our nonprofit also strives to raise mental health awareness through a variety of outreach community work, parenting blogs, and support groups. Some of our support groups are a women's support group named H.E.R (Heal, Evolve, Reveal) to help women heal from trauma and empower women to reveal their authentic selves, Men's Group named (Safe Space) to work through trauma, and stigma's to promote healing and create vision, and our parenting support group named (Motivational Parenting) empower parents to embrace the joys and challenges of parenting in today's society. The group will work to instill hope, and self-love to foster a deeper connection with self and their children. 

Holistic Behavioral Health Wellness Center offers the following services

Motivational Parenting Groups 

Safe Space Free Men's Group

Healing. Evolve. Reveal. (H.E.R.)