Clinical Supervision

Many times, upon graduating college one may obtain a leadership positions or a clinical position were one's supervisor does not hold the credentials to supervise them to obtain their professional license. For these reasons affordable professional supervision is offered at Holistic Behavioral Health.

Please call for details regarding flexible and affordable ranging from $50 - $100 per hour.

Clinical Consultant and Training Services

Holistic Behavioral Health offers a variety of mindfulness training services that can be used to build emotional intelligence and develop a broader understanding and skill-set of ways to employ mindfulness approaches within an organization from a top-down approach.

Our training aim to develop a more self-aware environment to increase effective leadership practices and job performance in employees. We help professionals at all levels adapt, increase in their awareness to effectively help management teams' members to evolve their leadership skills to better optimize their impact and influence on the staff and employees they manage.                                  

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