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The mission of Holistic Behavioral Health Wellness Center (HBHWC) is to partner with the private practice sector of this company Holistic Behavioral Health, LLC (HBH) by raising awareness and uniting people from all ethnic groups under one location to promote wholeness. Our behavioral health services through HBH private practice aim to reduce family stress levels through our clinical services. Our Non-profit sector (HBHWC) desires to meet the hardships of clients due to inflation and an increase in poverty. 

Our Services

These services are provided to adults and youth. Therapy can focus on treating anxiety, depression, PTSD/Trauma, substance abuse/addictive behaviors, grief and loss, family stressors, life skills training, and current life stressors responsible for changes within the client’s functioning resulting in a DSM5 diagnosis. 

This therapy supports clients and their families in their acculturation process. Clinical services will help to decrease PTSD, depression, and anxiety associated with these client’s acculturation process. Resources will be provided to help clients with social economic challenges and struggles with language barriers which are often triggers to clients experiencing an adjustment disorder, anxiety, or depression. 

Holistic Behavioral Health provides perinatal and postpartum services to reduce and improve the overall functioning of women and men who experience perinatal and postpartum symptomology. Therapy will focus on employing PHQ-9 assessment to identify the level of severity of the client’s symptoms. Our clinicians partner with the client to develop attainable goal-setting to redevelop a healthier quality of life for the women, men, and their families. 

Mental health from a holistic and nutritional lens can raise awareness regarding the relationship between nutrition and mental health. This is done by helping the client develop a deeper understanding of their physical health and healthy eating lifestyle changes. This approach can help with the reduction of depressive symptoms, ADHD, ADD, and anxiety disorders. 

COVID caused an increase in professional and personal burnout. This treatment will help alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression, and help clients experiencing burnout develop steps towards a healthier life. 

Holistic Behavioral Health Connects Us Through The Stories We Share!

 The purpose of HBH's mission statement is to help clients create and establish wholeness by obtaining emotional and psychological healing through our various integrative clinical services. Our nonprofit HBHWC's purpose is to meet the demanding needs of clients’ hardships. The two companies’ goal is to maintain a partnership that develops a sense of unity and wholeness for everyone in need of these services by the delivery of cohesive approaches to establish and create an overall united sense of wellness in the community.